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The Dilemma  Freedom  Benefits  of Delegating

When you own a business, you tend to lose time for yourself, your family, and the things you love to do.
So, is it worth it to hire someone to help? In this book, we will find out.

Virtual Assistance

The future is NOW. Working remotely has taken over the traditional workforce. Virtual assistants are being hired here and there. Is this the right choice for you and your business?

VA Agencies

Working with virtual assistants for the time can give you cold feet. VA agencies can help find the right match for your business. But are the costs reasonable enough?

Coaching Programs

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Online Trainings

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Workshops & Events

Nice Guys Finish First (2002)
The Blind Watchmaker (2004)
Growing Up in the Universe (2006)
Break the Science Barrier (2008)

Mihir Shah

Mihir Shah is the founder of Offsite-Team, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Mihir is a passionate leader who scaled a manufacturing start-up from 6 to 8 figures through exceptional leadership and resourcefulness.

Offsite-Team is a company that is run remotely and consists of virtual assistants from other countries. Offsite-Team’s mission is to help business owners, CEOs, and founders save on operational costs. At the same time, the team gives business owners the freedom to do what they love while virtual assistants take care of the rest.

Mihir believes in the value of building genuine relationships with his clients and virtual assistants. That’s why he founded Offsite-Team through respect for one another, transparency, and the commitment to excellence.

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.”

Peter Drucker

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